Best Ent Doctor in Kanpur

Best ENT Surgeon in Kanpur

Dr. Madhukar Vashistha is a devoted ENT and Head Neck Surgeon with extensive experience and a solid educational background. He obtained his MS from King George’s Medical College in Lucknow and has amassed over seven years of valuable expertise in esteemed medical institutions. He pursued a Fellowship in otology at MCV Memorial ENT Hospital in Pollachi.

Proficient in addressing a wide spectrum of ENT issues, Dr. Vashistha specializes in ear-related surgeries, sinus surgeries, thyroid surgeries, as well as handling conditions like Vertigo, Tinnitus, Swallowing disorders, Snoring, and ENT-related cancers. His adeptness extends to managing diverse ENT emergencies and performing a broad range of surgeries. Renowned for his gentle demeanor and astute knowledge, he is highly regarded by his peers.

Dr. Vashistha’s primary focus lies in sinus surgeries of various kinds, showcasing his expertise in this field. Additionally, he has honed his skills in managing Snoring and Sleep Apnea cases.

Beyond his clinical responsibilities, he actively contributes to academic advancements by publishing new research and actively participating in organizing workshops.